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Depressing one client

I’ve done $50 task in $5, done the things more than the client asked, go for an extra mile for her, and what she did, gave me a 4.4 rating… My ID goes to 100% to 98% with just that client… Can anyone help me out please?? It’s really frustrating and depressing one

4.4 is still a very positive rating - not sure what help you need?


Me neither.

(20 characterzzzz),


I think it;s a good rating because the buyer gives you a rating after check your overall performance and the communication is the most important part in it so 4.4 is good rating so work hard and soon you will be 100% again! :slight_smile:

Some clients get the chance to rate you under the “buy again or recommend”, which is sneaky, because some buyers will rate 4 on “buy again” as they won’t be buying again, even though they would have rated it 5 on “recommend”.

The whole “buy again or recommend” factor is flawed as it tries to aggregate 2 rather different factors into 1.

P.S. and I would remove the “female” part of your title as it can lead to some unwanted gender-specific posts, especially since you haven’t said anything about what the gender has to do with any of this.


My experience with this kind of people is… 1) They are registered on Fiverr within the last month, 2) They provide you with a low(er) FB and are offering the same product or 3) Are living in certain countries (yes, for example, Dutch people - like me! - are more likely not to provide a 5*. Also Norway, and a bunch of other countries which I will not list here ;-)).

You can try to contact her, ask her what you can do for her to change the FB (“Because it’s really important for you etc.”), but my experience is this normally is in vain…

I’m selling powerpoint templates. If you scroll through my feedback, you will mostly see only 5*, or 1*… :wink: A few days after a 1* is posted, you mostly notice a new Gig offering all my material… :wink:

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Is there a valid reasoning behind this? :stuck_out_tongue: Or is it that “out of principle” thing? Like “10 is for the teacher, 9 is for the student”… I always thought that to be flawed thinking, too :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a buyer once who left 4 stars, told me he never leaves 5 stars because there is no perfection in the world :rolling_eyes: :unamused:


Me neither.

“With great powers comes great responsibilities.”

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I didn´t know you are Spiderman! :scream:

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4.4 is still a very good rating. Don’t be depressed, cheer up and move on… :wink:

Communication is 5 star.

Yeah, I’ve changed the title of the discussion, thanks for it. BTW I’m also a female, she agreed and I asked her if you are 100% satisfied then I’ll deliver you the files, she was ok at that time… Actually she is sending the love emojis that she loved the work… But at the rating time she said that 4.5 for not doing the stuff as described…

Haha… Thanks for it men… Yeah, I think so it’s all in vain at the end of the day

I don’t get this element to the rating. I bought from someone as one-off transaction, so I had no need to buy again - therefore it’s a 1 star, isn’t it?

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Actually, you have to rate on “buy again or recommend”, so if you don’t want to buy again, you should rate the “recommend” part - would you recommend it to others? :wink:

See? I told you that factor is sneaky and prone to misunderstandings.

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Buy again - no need - 1 star
Recommend - yes - 5 star
Average = 3 star

Why would you rate both “buy again” and “recommend”, when it clearly says “buy again OR recommend”? :smiley:

I think Fiverr likes to annoy us with such confusing things and wording.

‘Would you buy again’ would be even flawed if it was a separate star since we know there are people who will rate negatively on that on the grounds of having needed that service only once and think or know they won´t need it again. Which does say something about the buyer but nothing at all about the gig or the seller in that case.

As if uninspired plain copying wasn´t bad enough. Did the internet completely destroy gentleness, sobriety and related virtues, or did it only make life easier for those who didn´t have them in the first place. The least someone stealing your stuff could do is leave a 5* rating. What happened to the ‘thieves’ honour’ concept? :rolling_eyes:


Really? I had my first and… unfortunatelly last client… done in like 12 hours, not even 1 day. He didnt said much and I nearly begged for reviews and stuff cause he didnt said he really wants or something and after that I deliverd he rate 3.4 stars. *Serivces not as described - but he never said if he wants something and I just said I’ll do what he wants for its poster and stuff. Well, that’s sad! Now I cant work here anymore cause of this “rating” @!%#