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Depressing situation... No sales

Hello people, I’m new on this group. My quest for solutions lead me here. My gigs and fiverr account is doing really poorly and I will appreciate any help I can get. Impressions are low, clicks are down, and the jobs ain’t coming. I really don’t know what I can do to change this situation. I exhaust my buyer requests everyday and for now, this is my only source of income. Please help
PS: I offer website design services. I’ll be more than grateful if someone can just look up the account and suggest modifications. Thanks.


Check your gigs keywords and make sure you are using them in your title and description. And promote your gigs in everywhere you can do

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I’ll get to work on these and see how it pans out. Thanks a lot


Absolutely helpful advice.


I end up finding the same problems with every single seller who posts this question.

The main problem is that it is a super crowded market. You’ve created gigs that have literally thousands of competitors.

You have a lot more control than you think. Create gigs based on research and low competition and then you are much less likely to have this problem. research sales, lead generation, supply and demand and how to engage your target audience.


As I am new here and I am following your post to Improve my Gig.

Give your service related keywords and share your gigs in various social media site…

Thank you for your response. Maybe I should do a little more research like you’ve suggested


You can also make facebook ads to promote your gigs. I spent 1$ and got 12 clicks from my ad. Check my profile, I can help you with facebook ads

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Research your competitors, see what’s on offer. Compare them to your gig and see what you can improve.

Also, try searching keywords that you think are relevant to your service on buyer account. And see on what page your gig appears.

I’ve been starting as a new seller on fiverr for only 5 months. And I’m on the first page 4 months in a row (not bragging, just saying)


Spent $1 and clicks 12? It’s low

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Yeah that’s not a good return on investment.

Thank you for this. I hope I can get on front page too some day

provide unique service to get customers due to the compitition

I offer web design services but I will be more than willing to get a new skill. Any suggestion on unique services I can learn to offer here?