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Depression level high

[Is anything wrong?] (

I am not getting an order. people come to inbox and chat and go, they don’t give any order…:frowning:
I did marketing still all statistics in 7days is red and down.
I am so helpless.
If anyone suggests to me, what to do, I will be glad.

Thanks in advance.


Reading your gig titles - most of them make no sense because you are trying to squeeze in keywords.

  • I will create elementor landing squeeze portfolio wordpress website develop
  • I will wordpress pricing table fb chat fb pixel paypal integration website
  • I will speed up yoast SEO wordpress and secure your site in 24 hours
  • I will customize wordpress, fix a theme,plugin error issues in wordpress
  • I will creat ecommerce online multi vendors woocommerce shop in wordpress
  • I will create news blog ecommerce affiliate portfolio wordpress website

When you read these it’s difficult to know what you offer. The words in Bold are what is seen on your gig when you show up in results. Why would a buyer click on your gig when it isn’t clear what you sell.


@eoinfinnegan I m so new seller.thanks for your suggestion. can I edit these gigs anytime? these will be lil change, I guess

You have to show them , your portfolio. Otherwise they will not place order .

You’ve never spent a weekend wordpress pricing table fb chat pixel paypal integration websiting? It’s a lot of fun!

In all seriousness, though, OP, this particular title needs a main verb in it. As Eoin pointed out, your titles are hard to read, but this might be the hardest out of the bunch.

Verbs are often thought of as action words, such as create, make, build, etc. Fiverr recommends sellers use powerful main verbs in their titles.


@ahmwritingco well, I got it…as a new seller I will have to learn a lot .you people are great that helping me. Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Maybe “integrate” is a good verb to use. I will integrate fb chat…

I would expect your clicks to increase somewhat once you edit your titles so they’re clearer and catchier.

Yes, you can, just keep in mind that the gig URL will stay the same.

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i am also same problem facing

@catwriter thanks for helping me, I am so glad :blush:

lot of thanks…I’m benefited from your advice

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