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Desaster “customer service” at Fiverr

Our colleague account been blocked! No explaination and no reason from the customer service of Fiverr.
After sending 20 emails to ask SIMPLE reason, they never answer. Pretending he did IP violation and without any explanation with it!

What a “customer service”n

For the story our colleague was in process to draft a simple training agenda with content designer. Highly IP violation!!.

IP violation? Do you mean that they accused him in using two accounts under the same IP address? Or do you mean something different?
Can you post exact CS email with explanation?

Fiverr usually blocking accounts only after 3 violations, not right away. So is there more to the story that you or your friend is not telling you?


Your explaination are much more professional and clear from forum. Our colleague never received that type of answer from your services.

Why you didn’t provide one simple answer to him on his first email?

1- you have old account …

you could also ask your client to delete it. Sometimes we have very old account we forget and create few years later another one. It’s not with bad intention.

2- IP violation u never explain what he did a violation

3- …

It’s not my services. We are the same sellers here on the forum and I doubt fiverr that fiverr staff will read this topic.

If there are any question he should address them to CS.
When fiverr blocking account they always send an email stating the reason. If you friend is saying he never received it then he is lying. It’s in his email that he used to register his account.

If he has 2 accounts and fiverr blocked his second account he still can use his first account that he created.


It’s still breaking the rules. It’s on sellers to learn the rules and stick to them.


Do you have the exact message(s) CS sent about why the account was blocked?

Maybe it could be related to multiple accounts (same IP address) or maybe it’s talking about intellectual property violation.

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Our colleague show us the email. It’s surrealist !!
He asked 10 times the reason. They never answer it.

They always change reason without explaination.
One time IP , One time about the agenda work he was doing. But they never been clear explaination

Still, do you have exact emails?


That means that he had a few violations and that’s why his account was blocked.

“Agenda work” - fiverr support never using this kind of words and as @catwriter asked you before it will be great to see exact email because it might be that you are just using the point of an email due to language barrier.

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what’s that exactly ?

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I’ve always found CS pretty good.

I understand it can be frustrating when you don’t get what you want immediately - but stay polite and re-explain if you really think you’ve done nothing wrong.

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