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Descending through the Levels

Hi All. This is my first time in the Forum. I have a question. Does the following sound typical. Am I missing something.

On review day I was 3 jobs away from being promoted to Level Two. All other boxes were ticked. However I was very quickly demoted to No Level due to only achieving 89% Response rate. I understand this. But a few hours later on the same review day my response jumped back up to 100% but now I have lost Level One. Seems a little unfair. In a week or so I shall qualify for Level two.

Is it me??


Hello, Sorry this happened to you! You got caught in a time crunch. I know how disappointed you must feel and you have my sympathy.


you have to wait until next evolution period. rate is calculating for the seller level, day before the evolution day.

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Thanks for responding. I’m over the worst. :v:t2:

Many thanks for your reply.

I lost TRS this way.
No I’m not bitter and I haven’t let it eat away at me while I mutter swear words which I am mentally directing at both Fiverr and the buyer of the order that did it.
It’s all G.