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Describe contains illegal character

Hello Everyone!

I have 4 gigs. Can anyone help to describe that why I didn’t create my 5th gig? I was trying to create more and more times with different topics in my 5th gig. But when I was arrived in the Description step, fiverr show me " Description contains illegal character" . And I faced it before 4 days to present for many times. I cleared my browser cache, restarted my pc, but get same problem.

I was written simple 2 or 3 sentences after that fiverr shown me same message. I sent a message fiverr support and help center. But they don’t give any replay.
I don’t understand, how can I solve this problem. Can anyone help me?

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Do you have a dash in the title or description? I had that happen to me once when I added a dash to a gig extra - it said it was the description of the extra, but when I took out the dash in the extra title, the error resolved.


yes, I was given dash in my description.

Thank you very much for your help. I am trying again to create my gig.

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