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Describe Locations and Characters for Any Genre


Have a town, region, or character in mind for your story, but you aren’t sure how to describe them? I will help you out by writing a brief description of them for you. You don’t have to use the exactly what I write, it’s just more of an idea I provide to help you flesh out your world.

Package Details
Character(s) Only:

  • Physical Description (Clothing, distinctive features, etc.)

  • Personality

  • Background/History

Settlement(s) Description:

  • Architecture/Layout
  • History
  • Persons and Places of Interest
  • Region(s) Description:
  • Terrain and Biome
  • Distinctive Features/Identifying Landmarks
  • Local Settlements (Brief Description included)
  • Places of Interest

As always, all of my gigs come with commercial usage rights for free.


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My apologies. I will change this right away.