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Describe me fun game!


After receiving good feedback on my last thread, I’ve decided to start one more game thread.

In this thread, you’ve to describe the user who posted above you. For example someone will describe me then someone will describe that person and the chain will keep going on…

Somebody start with me!

Mod note: Nice idea but could turn into “Roasting” so lets keep it nice and friendly/fun rather than anything else. There is likely to be some mild mockery/jokes about those who post in this thread so if you don’t want to be the subject of that then it would be better not to comment. Moderation will still happen but taking part indicates that you are willing to have a little fun poked at you.


An Italian plumber who uses his knowledge of pipework to explore the world, battle turtles and save a princess, sometimes with his brother Luigi.


[apparently me and Eoin both described zeeshan at the same time, so I’ll describe both]

OK, let’s see where this goes :smiley: Hopefully this thread won’t go sideways though :joy:

For @zeeshan_tirmizi: As far as I’ve seen, you are a child in a man’s body, you love games and games love you back, people like you and you are an explorer, plus you’re not a badge addict - you would rather be active and contribute to the forum without thinking about badges, thus letting them come to you.

For @eoinfinnegan: a well-respected person, a man of principles and high moral standards, loves helping other people by teaching them from his own experiences, doesn’t get shy around words, expressing his feelings in a polite way, but best of all: you’re a true genuine Irish! :grin:



(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


Ok, seeing as nobody else will, here’s @Woofy31:

A relative newcomer (or returnee) to the forum, it seems like he has always been here. A mixture of humor and logic, his contributions have added hugely to most discussions. His Rodin’s “The Thinker” style pose describes him well although thankfully the photo only covers the shoulders up, unlike the statue.
Oh, and don’t call him Goofy…

@gina_riley2 Nah, this is a bit different in terms of the other one was to describe the Fiverr profile whereas this is more about the person/personality we see on the forum.


[spoiler]Oh my, @eoinfinnegan , I have no words… that was an enlightening description! You said things about me that even I wasn’t aware of :smiley:

[and yes, I’m a returnee, after taking a longer break - maybe that’s why it seems like I’ve always been here]

But we’ve hit a road block: you’ve been described, I’ve been described, now who’s gonna describe who? :smiley: Maybe blurring my own post will help…


I will take the lead here@Woofy31 :wink:

@gina_riley2 A Lovely person, Traveler, Fun loving, Humble and Funny at times, she is The Most favorite buyer of all sellers on forum ( everyone’s waiting for their turn :smile: ). Most of the times she is sweet loving Gina, but if need arises, she can be the BatWoman of the Forum.


@saddu_writer is a sweet little fellow eager to learn, always polite and with measured words to everybody. She likes learning and being responsible with her life. She’s too smart to be around this forums too long and knows how to keep secrets.


Darn… I’ve missed some men to give them my nice description :smiling_imp:



  1. very hardworking, has a great thing going on Fiverr, makes a lot of money
  2. heart of gold, kind and generous even to complete newbies
  3. always looking for a fight
  4. crazy feminist, thinks women can do no wrong
  5. (MOD NOTE: Comment removed as it was a private joke that looked bad to others!)
  6. Very intelligent, smart and passionate.
  7. Life of the forum.


:arrow_up: And this is where, I think, things will go sideways on this thread :joy:


I’ll remember point 5 for a long time duh… :smiling_imp:

Note: may I describe twice or how are the rules? :thinking:[/spoiler]


I had been waiting ´til @writer99025 showed up, LOL

1). Very friendly
2). Straight forward but always nice
3). Never has a bad intention nor a bad deed
4). Loves his country truly
5). Loves foorball (edit: I meant football, not furball) :joy:
6). Never overpromise
7). Would be a great friend for anyone, but he is content with him being solitary
8). Trustworthy
9). Big fan of Modi
10). Intelligent
11). You can argue with him about anything, you can disagree, but he will never hate you


Hey Folks Blur the non relevant stuff so that the game goes on in Uni-direction.


That makes it look like I said something objectionable to her…was just a comment on her views on politics/economics based on a lively conversation we had in the past.


Come on @eoinfinnegan let go, unless someone writes something really offensive.
This is just a game :+1:


I get that it was referencing some good natured discussions you have had but that is not obvious to all readers and so it could not stay there or it would lead to the thread going bad and having to be removed.


@eoinfinnegan You’re above me and I think this is a bad idea to write something funny or offensive. This will lead to a bad result for all buyers, so we should stop this.


The blurred text shows he is not in game and he is already described. You have to describe the one who last described someone.