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Describe Your Offer


I need to know, What is the best way to describe the offer to buyer, what type of words used, that can be convinced the buyer to choose this seller, anyone can help me on this?


There isn’t a magic keyword that you can use :slight_smile:
If you want our help then copy your last offer together with the request here and we can take a look.


thanks for your quick response, as you know my english is not to the mark, but I’ve tried my level best, i wrote every offer with this type of words.


Use a spell checker. It won’t help you with everything but it would have corrected 4 mistakes you made in your last response :wink:


:smiley: is this any software? “Spell Checker”


Does english language effect my sales?


If you have understand my english then why i would use any software, i know there is so many grammatically mistakes but i have delivered my message and you have understood everything :smiley:


Of course. Most requests will be in English so if you don’t understand your buyer or they don’t understand you then you won’t make sales :wink:

Why should I hire someone that has trouble with English while there are thousands of sellers who don’t :slight_smile:


I can understand my seller but i am talking about to convenience them to choose me for desired job.


well thanks for your help and suggestions, GOD bless you :slight_smile: