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Descrimination in Fiverr for real

I found before a post here, at the forum, about a descrimination in Fiverr. Now I totally agree with this member.
My gigs are also not visible in the search and contact Customer Support a few times.
I will copy-paste here their reply, when I open a ticket my gigs can’t be find in the search,not in the category, they are listed.

“Unfortunately, the services that you offer are not within the editorial focus and guidelines of Fiverr. As a result, the services will not appear within the search/marketplace.”

If you write in the search “alexa rank” you will see at least 40 members here, who offer the same gig. And they don’t have this kind of problem.
I think, that Fiverr just allow a certain people to sell here. People, like me, who try to be a competition to those certain people, are not allowed to sell.
If someone don’t believe me, I can forward the full email from Fiverr.

All gigs that are not in editorial focus are gradually being removed. The editorial focus changes for a variety of reasons that has nothing to do with who a person is. It usually has to do with third party site issues. For example, paid Amazon reviews are no longer in the editorial focus because Amazon has a huge problem with them and sued a number of Fiverr sellers for providing them. It took quite awhile but almost all of those gigs are gone now. They didn’t come down all at once because rather than do a blanket sweep, Fiverr staff took the time to look at the gigs.

You will find posts all over the forum from people who have had gigs removed due to the editorial focus issue, and many of them complain about what other sellers are doing. It’s understandable why there is frustration. It is unfortunate for the seller when a gig is denied but luckily they can still create new gigs that are within editorial focus and the ToS. Selling on Fiverr is an opportunity, but not a protected right.

Discrimination is when a person is specifically targeted because of a group or category they belong to, like being of a certain age, ethnicity, gender, and so on. That just doesn’t fit this situation. The sellers whose gigs have come down are different ages, they are from vastly different places, some are top rated sellers and others are brand new, etc. So, while editorial focus may be a sometimes confusing reason to have a gig denied, the only way you could demonstrate it as discrimination is to show that the sellers have been targeted for a single reason. Of course, if Fiverr did not want you to sell here for any reason, they could just close your account. I see you still have gigs up.

Thanks for the reply! I asked some friends from different countries to create an accounts here and list the same gigs. Some of their gigs were in the search, some not. What you are saying here, make me thing, that I am right about everything. Every person has a dignity and you don’t have a right to kidding with the people. Me and you know, that if you want, you can remove all gigs about this kind of service. And to do it that way, so nobody to be able to list a gig for this service. Now you are contradicting yourself. You know what will happened if someone start a claim to Alexa. I don’t want to talk if the claims are 30-40, for example.I see, that here are a few gigs with this kind of service and you didn’t touch them from years.
Believe me, I am very familiar with the law and just want to tell you to do something about it. Because there are many websites like yours and which are already very close to you. You don’t have right to kidding with the people, who make thsi website famous! Some people try to feed families with this $5-$10 items (gigs). If you have kids you will understand what I mean.
Thank you very much for the info, but you are contradicting yourself.
There isn’t a problem, which can’t be resolved. There is only a problem, which don’t want to be resolved.

This isn’t my site, I can’t remove gigs and I can’t understand some of what you wrote. If you don’t like my response, that’s fine with me, I’m just a seller too.

From the bits I can understand, you are making some sort of threat regarding the law. I strongly encourage you to hire a lawyer and pursue that as a learning experience.

I have children and a grandchild and I sell $5 gigs often. I don’t work full time but I’m happy with my income. In the USA I can bring in a nice part-time income doing a $5 gig in 10-20 minutes. In my locale, $20-30 an hour is fairly good money.

Good luck with the attitude and the arrogance. It’s likely to help you resolve your issues with Fiverr one way or the other. Oh, I do enjoy humor and I kid around often on the forum, but in this thread I’m not kidding.

Dude, you have made one of the nicest people on Fiverr angry.

I read everything, what my colleagues wrote here and didn’t see to offend the forum’s admin, who said that it’s just a seller. Now the member, who open this discussion, is blocked. Why? Because everything written here is a truth.

As a Fiverr member, i understand that fiverr too has some limitations and we all must support it for that…Descrimination is not a good word to be use for fiverr as a member.

@potechev02_79 you have been told Why your gigs are not visible in search by support. You have been told why by @fonthaunt They don’t want them. Simple. stop posting garbage and insulting people. If you don’t like it tough luck.

@fifi007 why are you posting in the same thread as someone selling the same service as you who you have placed orders with and left reviews on. Don’t bother to reply, we all know the answer to that question. You have just drawn attention as to what you are up to by posting on here.

I suggest the pair of you put a stop to this and find something else to sell instead of insulting people

Two people both with the same gig posting on this thread … hmmm.

I enjoyed reading this.

What is it with angry Alexa sellers lately? The common theme seems to be not making sells. Perhaps this means that Alexa ranking manipulation is not a terribly viable service as opposed to, I don’t know “I will get you to #1 on Google!!!1!”?

I would like to see the legal action commence. In fact, it just so happens that I once took a course in university about international law for a whole semester, so I am offering my services here, as I am an expert.

Let’s get those discriminatory bastards!

As your (self-appointed) legal counsel, I have to ask why you have so many great reviews, yet fifi’s review of you was a grandstander: “This is my second order to this seller.He is the best one with that service. The other buyers know that. He used to have high rating and many sales, but I see, that fiverr removed his gig. The seller don’t know why. You can check the pics. I am very satisfied with the service and will order again.”

Combined with the fact you have the same gig, I sense there’s an er, conflict of interest. This could prove tricky, and I’m not sure why a random buyer would jump so eagerly to your defense wherever you may roam.

If I’m to be your lawyer, you’re going to need to stop doing that, as it means we will be laughed out of court. I can see why you have an issue with discrimination now, and may blame the judge for being a doddery white old man who discriminates.

You know what will happened if someone start a claim to Alexa.

The OP is going to complain to Alexa that he is not being allowed on fiverr to manipulate Alexa rankings.

random buyer may just be suffering from a bout of the split personalities with different IP address on each account.

As you know, @potechev02_79, you are not blocked from posting on either of these accounts yet. You are just trying to look like a victim.

Forum admins and moderators are not Fiverr staff, do not have control over gigs, and are just ordinary sellers who volunteer to help with the forum. I am a she, not an it.