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Descripcion borrada

Soy nueva en fiverr y al querer publicar el evento, no me deja escribir la descripción, cuando escribo algo en el recuadro de descripción se borra, alguna sugerencia de como repararlo? gracias


“I am new to fiverr and when I want to publish the Gig, it won’t let me write the description, when I write something in the description box it gets deleted, any suggestions on how to repair it? thanks”

Let me just remind you that forum language is english and all topics / posts are supposed to be written in english or with translation to english (eg. google,…)

Thank you.


The main site is also primarily English, if you are trying to enter another language there.

As for it not working, try typing it in Notepad, and then copy/pasting it into the description section. (Same with FAQs and Requirements.)