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I think I have solved :smiley:
I sincerely thank you for advising me.
I am Italian and to fill in the various sections I used the site with the Italian translation. I thought about what I was told in a comment and I tried to report the site in English and it works!
I’m not familiar with the site yet, sorry XD
Thanks again !!! I hope you have a wonderful day

Hello everyone, I’m new.I have a problem and I don’t know how to solve it.I followed everything in order and in the Description and FAQ section I automatically delete what I write.How can I solve it? Thanks and have a nice day


I’d make sure you’re using a compatible browser like Chrome and that cookies are enabled. Make sure you haven’t pasted in any characters that Fiverr can’t handle (eg. from Word). Maybe try reloading the page with Ctrl F5 or removing cookies and re-trying if it still doesn’t work.

I’d copy and paste you existing description and FAQ lines into notepad or something so you don’t keep losing everything. Notepad might help remove some of the invalid characters if there are any (eg. if it was pasted from Word).


Hi, thank you for replying, you are very kind.Yes, I use Chrome and cookies are enabled. The problem occurs while I type, that is, I type and in the meantime it clears itself. I closed and reopened the page and also tried to reload it but it gives the same problem.

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I see your profile description is in another language. You also need to put an English translation. This also applies to your gig description, which may be part of the problem.

Gig descriptions in English are mandatory. You can use additional languages as long as all the information is also available in English.

The above is from here: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Gig Policies).


Hi, thanks to you too for answering me, you are really kind. I translated my profile description into English and updated the page, but the problem in the gig section gives me the same. I also tried to copy and paste but nothing :frowning:

Make sure you are not using any kind of special/unique symbols, different fonts and emojis. Make it to be text-only. It often solves the problem.


Now you try to uninstall this browser And again installed

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Hello and thanks to you too, unfortunately I don’t have time to enter any characters because as soon as I type a letter it deletes. This only happens in the Description and FAQ section.

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Hello and thank you for replying. I don’t know if the problem is Chrome, because this only does it in the Description and FAQ section.

See, I don’t see your problem. If I see your problem & clearly understant.then I will help you,must

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Try restarting and refreshing the site.

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Thanks so much.
I edited the post because I think I have solved :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile: I think I have solved it