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Description Contain Illegal Character! I can't Understand

Hello Friends…
I am a graphic designer and i am new on fiverr trying to work on the logo designing field
I Wanted to post a new gig relating to Christmas but the problem is i can’t because when i write the description it says it contain illegal characters.
I had used this description in my other gigs but there was no such problem there, Please Help…

the description is…

Why should you order?
Because we are providing logo design services and 2 Versions of a logo with UNLIMITED REVISIONS in MINIMUM TIME till your satisfaction.

What are we providing?

  1. 2000 x 2000 Pixels (300 ppi)
  2. Totally Professional Work.
  3. Unlimited Revisions.
  4. Fully Satisfaction.
  5. JPG or PNG format(Basic)
  6. Can also provide badge and vintage logos.
  7. 2 Different Versions of the logo(Basic)

Things that we require:- Name, Type etc

If you can provide us with a sketch of your imagination that will surely help us in providing you the work. Also come with clear and accurate information. If you have nothing in your mind then also you don’t need to worry. We will help you.

Feel Free to Inbox for any queries or information related to the order. Also if u want a custom order we can provide you with that too.

Waiting for your Generous Replies…

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Are you sure the error says description? Usually illegal characters errors apply to the title. If you’ve used a title with anything but letters and numbers that can sure trigger it. You also cannot write the words “I will” or “for $5” in the title since that is done for you. The most common ones people missed are things like - / or the period. It is really easy to accidentally write something like “create a logo.” by accident. That period in the title will prevent you from moving forward. Oh, also, you can only use one word in the title that has all caps. So, you can write “create an AMAZING picture” but you cannot write “create an AMAZING DOG picture.”

yeah i am sure it says description contain illegal characters and i know the rules sir about the gig title :slight_smile: thank you for your time… and there is a request that can u try a gig for me with the same description as mine maybe there would be some specific problem in my region :slight_smile:

Could be. Customer Support is your best bet if it’s not the obvious stuff. Good luck.

umm thank you mam :slight_smile: i will surely do that…


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