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Description contains excessive use of the terms: blog


I have the word in my gig 3 times and its NEEDED.

Can you be a bit more lenient on how many times the same word is used? Thanks.


I agree. This is something that I really struggled with on my Video Spokesperson gig. Stating that the word “video” was overused. I had to get creative in order to describe my gig and unfortunately since often times these words are important in order to clearly describe what your gig is and is not it means that we may not be able to give as concise of gig descriptions as we use to be able to.

Although, you can understand why this was put in place… but I also feel it is now too restrictive.


I continue get it for the word article and removed it 4 or 5 times now so it almost give no meaning anymore and it continues saying that


I recommend a thesaurus.

For example, rather than blog you can say: Website, site, wordpress, blogger, etc.


Yeah it sucks


Keep getting this for a single word in the title, despite removing it. Sort it out Fiverr!


yes please remove this kinda restrictions.


I give up, after 2 hours of rewriting my gig. Thats it for me.


Thanks god I found this thread. I thought I am using too much text styles… :">

Anyway I found this awesome word counter, which helped to me a lot.

Hope it will help you too!

Besides this as ‘anarchofighter’ recommended, you can use thesaurus or any synonym tool to make editing easier.

Success with your gigs!


Everybody say a big thanks to Google for their Panda/Penguin updates. Fiverr has to implement such measures in order to “not get penalized” by the mighty G. Whether or not something makes your users happy, it is important to make the big G happy :slight_smile:


tags contains excessive use of the terms: logo

This is the error on my gig how can i solve this any one can help me.???


At first we thought it pretty Ghetto, the word control your referring to. Later, after examining a lot of different things about the system response, the “word flow control” is about visibility, masterful meta, good on searches. Thought it can be a pain at times, it makes for beta search op’s…



Reply to @oranjegirl: Amen to that, I agree, but it has a valid purpose, even though it’s a pain in the rump.



today system asked me to change one word in “instructions for buyer” field… I do not know why it is important even there to take care about words, it is not visible anywhere


i don’t know why the fivver restricted thz wordz fiverr have to allow


hello Buyers, Do you want me to do for you post flyers in Universities and streets …i here ok this my gig


same problem with me what can i do
which font and style of text whould i use?


No matter if I remove the word “logo” completely, I am still told it’s to much used?? I don’t understand anything. What’s wrong Fiverr? this is a major mistake. Maybe I will find another website to do this. I don’t know what to do. Anybody knows?


yeah, I agree


I have the same problem.
Fiverr, why don’t you do something? at least answer what is the reason for this annoying feature?