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* Description should be at least 120 chars long

fiverr gives a wrong error message. actually my message is 324 characters long. I reproduce it below.

Customers find my explaining very simple and feel the question was much easier than they thought earlier. This is a starting gig. Later I hope the customer will give me a bonus.
I can explain C, C++, Java. I think I can explain C# also but did not have experience in teaching C# earlier.
I taught C, C++ and Java to many.

I tried several times since yesterday but fiverr does not allow me to go forward at this step.
Please suggest some way out.


I think this description is too short, regardless of how many characters there are. Add more description. Add more sentences and not only will this problem be solved but you will have a much more convincing description.

How will you explain it, on skype? Or in the message inbox?

How long will you spend explaining it?

How many days will you explain it? How many hours?

If the buyer still does not understand will you give a refund?

Are you teaching these to the buyer? I’m not sure what you mean by explaining? Do you mean teaching?

Does the buyer need to have previous experience with these subjects?

Also, you should not ask for a bonus in the description.


Thanks a lot Ms. Crystal. Happy new year.

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Today fiverr accepted my description. Perhaps they removed the bug. I am relieved.

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I am facing error when i add Briefly Describe Your Gig 'Description should be at least 120 chars long."

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Please help me

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Check that the text editor on the form has loaded. If there are no options to bold, underline etc, then it has not loaded. If this is the case, reload the page. Then you should be able to submit the form.