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Description Theft, my experience!

So, I have had a rather popular content writing service gig that’s kind of been popping. Decided to check out some of my competition and noticed someone literally took my gig word for word even the comment about my extra’s for additional things I can offer. They did end up changing it after I mentioned it to them giving them a chance, but not before essentially taking clients that probably would have been mine. I guess some of my services are getting more popular on Fiverr that people want to be ME. Haha. It’s happened before, but usually I am a bit more “on it” before they start getting orders off of my description.

My question is, do they not have a cross-check of content or a “filter” system to identify if content is taken word for word from another gig? If not, why not? Kind of frustrating that it could just be put up literally same exact words and not checked through their system at all.

Anyone else have this experience lately? My thought is if it’s a content writing service, should they really be offering it if they can’t write the description for themselves?

lol no. Just google it and shout at them or ignore it. I choose the latter, as they’re invariably going to be crap at writing and disappear sooner or later.

I basically sent them a message and they changed it minutes later. The funniest part was that Fiverr ranked them ahead of me for some reason despite the description being word for word and me having more feedback.

I won’t really call out WHO exactly did it, but let’s just say I don’t think their sentence or two description is going to get much of any sales.

I’m also always worried that one of these days someone will do this again and report me after ripping my content and Fiverr will be like. “Sounds legit.” and terminate a service of mine.

Had someone do that for one of my YT videos. Literally took one of me talking, changed nothing and posted it up. At least with that YT actually has a system in place.

I just checked and not only have people copied my description here on Fiverr, people have copied it and used it on other freelancing websites. Pretty ridiculous. The most hilarious example includes this guy who copied my description when I’d added a note about the gig’s delivery duration being longer because I was helping my little sister move that week. Couldn’t even be bothered to remove that one sentence, huh? That’s true laziness.

But yeah, like emmaki said, someone who steals someone else’s description probably doesn’t have the chops to actually do anything real with that stolen description. shrug

Yeah, that’s pretty lazy of them.

I think I might start putting in my descriptions my actual user-name. I know if they take it they won’t bother removing it so it’ll just be extra business for me and probably get them reported more than once in the future, especially on other websites. This in turn may actually bring business back to me, so win-win.

What bugs me most is Fiverr actually ranked them not only above me, but somehow the gig with the exact same words is ranked as a “popular search result” while mine is not(Aka, they took my spot with my own words.). Quite annoying. The thing that bugged me most is they told me they “forgot about it” as it’s been so long since they put it in. I didn’t notice it until recently as they weren’t even on the front page until recently. I almost regret not reporting them now and giving them a chance to remove the content, haha.

The guy essentially told me he used it as a “place-holder” but theft is theft. They claim they’re in the United States but I am highly skeptical.

I found my gig image in new arrival gigs, one of them had the description as well. I also found all my images and descriptions + prices and even profile description on other websites. I just decided to change my description and add my name on the main image after I changed it a little.

If they aren’t capable to write their own descriptions and add their own work in the gig, you cannot help to wonder what kind of crappy job they offer.

Ok, this time just my title was stolen but once again Fiverr just decided to rank someone ahead of me by a LOT. Fun stuff, right? Getting kind of annoying.