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Design 5 modern Logo For you with free vector file


What am I offering?
I will design 5 modern logo, with the most accessible prices, but above all professionals and with Free Vector File.
I, as a professional in graphic design, will dedicate myself to design you brand Logo through the information previously given by the client, and in this way I will design the most suitable Logo for your business, with the purpose of helping you establish a modern and memorable brand image.

  • The brand can be: of a product, a company, some new app, a channel of YouTube, etc…

  • The logos can be reviewed by the buyer and if they do not agree with the design, it will be changed by another to the user’s choice, in addition to giving my recommendations in the election.

  • The wolves can be simple, minimalist or more complex depending on the preference of the buyer and the package chosen.

Why Us?

:heavy_check_mark: Professional quality logos NO garbage

:heavy_check_mark: UNLIMITED Revisions Free

:heavy_check_mark: Vector Source Files guaranteed and TOTALLY FREE!! (scalable without any quality loss)

:heavy_check_mark: Delivery with each format with its indicated functionality

:heavy_check_mark: With place to Custom design

:heavy_check_mark:The best Delivery times !! in all packages

We wait for your order 24/7