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Design a logo in any area

please your suggestions about this gig :

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The image says you are using app:

And your description says unique logos.


My suggestion is to delete it before Fiverr does that for you.

Your gig description is misleading.

Didn’t you just get called out for passing off somebody else’s work as your own the other day?

Look at his other gig. All are taken from Pinterest.
@youssefezzouak5 are those all your designs?

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You are doing a great work. I really appreciate it.

yes bro i swear its my designs

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you dont need to swear. If those are your design, dont screenshot those image and combine into your gig video, just use your own images. It’s very unprofessional to screenshot a image from pinterest?

On your gig video there are tshirt designs from Quiksilver and what looks to be a knock off Versace tshirt. Stop lying about creating these, do you really expect buyers to believe they are your designs? It won’t help you make money nor will it help you get better at designing. Honestly, I would just delete all your gigs, spend a couple of weeks taking design courses online (there are plenty of free resources available) and then recreating those gigs with designs you have made.

Not only will that be a honest representation of what services you will provide but you will learn and develop your skills, something that will lead to more earnings in the future.

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Agree, most of his gig are taken from 3rd-party platform.

You need to learn design first, i hope you will do best

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