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Design a symbolical logo

design a symbolical logo for your business

Create a totally custom symbolical logo for your business, please click on the link above and place your order :slight_smile:

Symbolical isn’t a word. If you want to get sales, you shouldn’t use words that don’t exist to describe your services.


I appreciate your concern and I know symbolical isn’t a word, It’s part of my SEO strategy to stay ahead in the competition if you type symbolical in the search you would see my gig in the top lines(many people use symbolical I don’t know why but they use it :smiley: )

And I already have sold a couple of gigs :wink:

The whole point of SEO is to use terms that people would actually search to find what they are looking for. Simply being easily searchable for a word is useless if your target audience isn’t searching for it.

On top of that, people are going to see you as unprofessional for using words that don’t exist. No one is going to pat you on the back for ranking high in something just for the sake of it.

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It is going to take me only 2 minutes to edit my gig and change the title from symbolical to symbolic but I have decided to keep it this way because it is generating me leads, again I appreciate your concern and I know you are just trying to help but I would rather keep it the way which seems more beneficial to me and since we aren’t playing scrabble, I don’t think I am breaking any rules :wink:

And people have already purchased stuff from me and rated me just fine so I don’t think they find me unprofessional(they are more concerned with my skill rather than grammar or spellings) but maybe someday I’ll change the title to see if it makes any difference :slight_smile:

It isn’t about breaking rules. It’s about the impression your communications have on prospects. Glad you’re happy with your business.