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Design and translate help

Hello, everyone, I need help translating.
I’m from Russia and I’m starting to learn English and design banners. Now I want to try to enter the European design market.

I have attached banners, can you tell me how to write sentences on banners correctly?

What banners did I attach and what do they contain?

  1. Banner for a pizzeria. The banner says about the promotion, 25% discount on pizza Margarita.

  2. Banner for a cosmetics store for international women’s day. , up to 50% discount all week.

Please write your feedback, suggestions, and comments on these works, tell me how to write these offers correctly!


Most is fine, though I would go ‘delicious discount’ rather than ‘delicious promotion,’ but the last three lines are wordy.

Today only
25% off Margarita


Today only
25% off your
Margarita pizza

Also, you might want to make the word ‘the’ the same font, in ‘pizza of the day.’

As for the second, bit more work needed.

Celebrate March 8
International Women’s day

Discounts of up to 50% off!
Promo code: WMNDAY

Give yourself a gift
Code valid March 6th to 12th

Any questions?


Yes, can you check it?

Thank you for help!
Can I help you with something in return? Perhaps you need a banner or business card design?

Reads good.

Visuals, I would recommend making the word ‘celebrate’ so that the right edge of the letter ‘c’ lines up with the right edge of the letter ‘m’ below it, whether by spacing out the letters a bit, or making the word larger, or a combination of the two. Secondly, shrinking the ‘8’ a bit, so that it lines up with the bottom or the second line of text

Second image, same thing. All the text needs to be scaled up a bit, so that it can be readable in that smaller cell-phone example. I think I also like the other font better, though it’s notably better with the font all the same style.