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My question relates to design competitions. I have reviewed the Fiverr site and can’t seem to find what I am looking for. In my case, for a need for logo design, if I put in request, I get a number of available and capable designers which is great but it limits the possibilities to the one to come up with a suitable logo. What I am looking for is setting up a competition whereby available sellers join the competition and submit logo designs to the buyer. This opens up a better selection to choose from with possibly a larger prize for the winning logo design.
It may be possible that Fiverr is not set up for this and please correct me if I am wrong.


Fiverr doesn’t really work that way. Here, you choose a seller you like the look of and work with them to bring your idea to life.

Other sites are better suited to the competition format.


It’s been suggested before:


If you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page you will find the rules as to how Fiverr works. Everything is explained there.


Same as note above. Not the right place for what you are looking for. You are also using Fiverr in an attempt to have sellers work on something outside of Fiverr, which is a TOS violation.


This sounds like what the OP was describing they’d like to do.


No attempt here, just a general question as a buyer.


You’re right. You are asking a general question. You are asking a group of mostly sellers. Sellers that are used to being taken advantage of. So when we see someone trying to get work done by asking sellers to “compete”, we know what’s happening.


I don’t think I’m being lazy at all. I’m trying to be more efficient.
It’s free enterprise and quite common to have companies pitch their best ideas or best price for a service (bid process) which results in a winner at the end of the day.

From the comments it’s apparent that my inquiry response would be a no, Fiverr does not do this. I do see an option to select a number of sellers for a relatively small fee but it does require weeding through a mass amount of respondents to review and select.

I appreciate your feedback. Thanks


Thank you for your response


My apologies.
The intent was to inquire and not take advantage of anyone. I would appreciate any work done on my behalf and would expect to award for that service.
Thanks for your feedback. Cheers.


There are a lot of other good websites offering that format of designs with competitions. Why wouldn’t you use those if you want to get exactly that? Probably because they are much more expensive than fiverr.

Fiverr already providing very cheap services in comparison to the market price and creating “competitions” here would make it only worse.

E.g I’m a London based designer and 5$ is almost nothing for me, where for some one from other countries 5$ would be a fortune. Would you rather go with 5$ of course, would they provide you a lot of versions for free, of course. But good designers wouldn’t even waste their time on this kind of competition.


“But good designers wouldn’t even waste their time on this kind of competition.” Are you saying that there are no good designers in countries where that $5 is a fortune?


It’s already been established that this type of competition has no place on Fiverr, so the value of any prize is irrelevant.


That’s not what I said. And good designers in those countries also charging market rate for their designs and wouldn’t waste their time for 5$.

But I would refer back to @merciavideo reply as it was right to the point.


Indeed. Expecting someone from a poor country to work for a ridiculously low amount is insulting.

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