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Design Complete site with 1 year updates - Improve my first GiG

how to improve this gig for more reviews, favs, and purchases


Hello my suggestion for more favs and purchases is to provide your basic as a 5$ ( eg - 1 responsive page design for 5$) . Because most buyers search by applying filters for the price of 5$. This would help you to get more visibility as a new seller and more visibility = more favs and purchases


Thanks and done
What further steps should i follow now??

stay active, respond to buyers as quickly as possible. 1st sale on fiverr is a bit difficult it took me 3 months but don’t loose hopes, once you get your 1st sale then you will see some good sales in line

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Are you seriously providing a 3 pages website with a one year of maintenance service for $5? You’re about to attract the worst client base you could ever think of. They reach out to you with a $5 budget, no clear requirements, they want literally everything and anything, hundreds of revision & they won’t be satisfied anyway.

A $5 for even a one page website is ridiculously low. Charge what you believe is worth your time, effort, experience and work quality. Also, the one year maintenance seems a bit off. You should perhaps offer it as a monthly service for x amount of money.

Good luck!


Only 3 pages for 5$ like other gigs

The full 1-year update service only included within the premium package
It includes updates for premium plugins and themes not for design & redesign

Well, you should clarify that because it says in the package title that the basic package includes 1 year update service.

What other gigs? I honestly didn’t see anyone offer a 3 pages website for $5. This is insane. Since i’m both a buyer and seller on Fiverr, i wouldn’t actually hire a web designer to build 3 pages for $5. This sounds like i’m about to get a really low in quality work. And i don’t think anyone would like to have this experience either.