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Design gig Preview

Please i requested you review my gig and share your thoughts for correcction

I’d reword the sentence “Mine working progress is very Excellent.”. I assume you mean “My…” instead of “Mine” there.

Maybe “out-put” should be “output”.
Maybe reword “…send me the message for good dealing”.
“Yo can hire me” should be “You can hire me”.
Maybe “Money back guaranteed” should be “Money back guarantee” or “Money-back guarantee”.

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Thankyou very much for guide me

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I would NOT put anything that says “Money Back Guarantee” here - especially as a new seller - it just invites all the cockroaches who want to rip you off out of the woodwork. Same with any “unlimited revisions” that some new sellers like to put in their Gig and then rue the day they did that because they end up working 60 hours for a measly $4.



I agree with this statement


Yes i understood thanks for guide me