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Design of new Fiverr V3


I have no complaints about Fiverr V3, except for the fact that I think the homepage looks like it was thrown together by an amateur. Does anyone else agree? The blank page at the top right is a big “no-no” for websites, and I think the “top business services” being at the very top is unnecessary. I really liked the homepage how it was before. Just wanted to give input :slight_smile:


Up to resolution 1366x768 there are 3 images per row and no space, on anything bigger there are 2 images and the space.

Seems like a bug


Reply to @mgjohn78: Oh, weird! Okay, well that makes me feel better about the site then. I’m glad to know they didn’t design it this badly and that it’s a bug haha


I want to add another badly designed item on front page: the item on the right on the second row is not aligned with the ones on the first and third row… why?!?


What I am really not liking being mainly a voice-over talent is that when you click the Find Voice-Over Talents picture/link it brings you to a page with only about 15 or 16 gigs most TRS and that’s it it doesn’t have a load or search feature on the page so it makes it appear that these are the only people you can order voice services for.

My sales have bottomed out dramatically. While I used to make 150 to 200 dollars every month I am now luck to make 35. I rely on this income to help me pay my bills and it’s just not coming in anymore and I really feel it is a design issue. I have 100% approval rating but I mostly just get repeat customers no one new can find my gig. I have also noticed that if you use the advanced search features it automatically shows recommended in the first results. That would be all well and good if recommended didn’t seem so random. there are sellers with only 12 positive reviews showing up while I have close to 200 and am nowhere on the first page. Why are people who have been on Fiverr for shorter amounts of time with less positive reviews and less overall seller ratings being top listed in the recommended section?


Reply to @mark74: Must just be you, mine are aligned properly. What browser are you using? Maybe it’s a bug for the particular browser.

mark74 said: I want to add another badly designed item on front page: the item on the right on the second row is not aligned with the ones on the first and third row... why?!?

Yes, that is EXACTLY what I am taking about! Do you use Google chrome? That's what I use when I see the horrible format. However, I got on Fiverr at my internship in a Windows computer and it was just fine. Weird. Nevertheless, it's a bug that needs to be fixed.


I use chrome and it all looks fine to me.

I agree with the popular services boxes not linking to categories and instead linking to a page of featured is problematic. Buyers have to figure out they need to use the top navigation bar.


Reply to @freelancemm: it’s Chrome on Windows 8.1


Reply to @alliemadison12: yes Allie, I use Chrome (latest release) on my Windows 8.1 pc.

I’ve just tried Internet Explorer and the result is perfect

Note that on the same pc (so same screen resolution), Chrome rendered only two boxes for each row (with wrong alignment) while IE rendered 3 items on each row… :frowning:


Reply to @mark74: I’m using Chrome too and not having that issue, hmmm. I’m not using the same OS though but that shouldn’t matter. Maybe you just have a weird sized resolution for your monitor or something? I have that problem with borders on some pages but Fiverr’s page is fine.


Reply to @freelancemm: Resolution is 1366x768


Ok @alliemadison12, I think problem has been fixed: now I see 3 items per row on Chrome, properly aligned :slight_smile:


Reply to @mark74: Yes, I messaged support and they sorted it all out. I’m relieved it wasn’t meant to look that way!


Reply to @kjblynx: "…there is no “Looking for more? Click here!” or anything like that directing people to the rest of the sellers on Fiverr."

Exactly. Buyers have to figure out they need to use the top navigation bar to get anywhere. I love seeing the categories there, they just need to actually be linking to the entire categories and not just a featured page.

Just, highlight that whole post. It’s exactly what I want to say. All of that needs design revision attention.


Reply to @mark74: Sounds like a laptop resolution. Laptops have terrible formatting from my experience and so many pages look broken on them. Your best best may be simply to zoom IN or OUT on the page with CTRL+ the scroll button(Are you sure this isn’t the case now, or maybe a case of you have a setting where you’re potentially using a bigger font size or changed some kind of personal setting.) to try to size it to make it look as close to proper as you can. Zooming out should at least adjust the layout enough for it to look proper but the font and images may be incredibly tiny. Other than that there isn’t a whole lot you can do other than a different browser!


Reply to @alliemadison12: well done :slight_smile:


I wish they would do something about the only showing featured people on the main categories with no link to everyone else that offers those services! Anyone gotten any info back from support on this?


The new design is okay but it would be nice if they did a gig rotation to show different gigs every hour or at least every day rather than focusing on those that are getting a lot of orders.