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Design unique 2D and 3D logo GIG

Hi sir, short message for you.

I design logo for your ideas as you describe. I also re-design or edit old one. I have some specification if you like, order me and get delivery. That’s are---------

  1. Fresh design and quick delivery.
  2. Honestly complete the job.
  3. Unlimited revision.
  4. Watermark, Transparent, Background matter.
  5. High quality image. 2D and 3D system.
  6. Pixel size (as: 100x100) and photo size (as: 123 KB) editing.
    7 Service after sell.

File Format
Thank you for reading my post.
my another gig is # Remove Background from any photo / product

another GIG is # Manage buttons for facebook fan Page


I see BMW, NBC, 7UP and other logos that clearly is not your original creation.
If you want clients and orders, you’ll need to present original work.


Thank you for your valable comment. but I can create same as like this.

Do you mean you can create a logo of the same quality?
Then why are you not presenting them in your sample?

I get the feeling most buyers will avoid ordering from you just by those unoriginal samples.


oh no! wait I will change to my own sample. Thank you @ zeus777

Might as well point out one more thing.
I strongly doubt you are Tuba Büyüküstün, the Turkish actress.
If you can’t present your own work and who you are, again, buyers will not order from you.