Design wasn't what I asked for


I bought a gig for a seller to make me a Facebook header for my business FB page. I’m not a designer by any means so I didn’t have any ideas going into it, but I provided her with my logos, colors, and asked for a ‘clean/minimalist’ design. She gave me a very cluttered, noisy design with tons of other colors and graphics, the only thing she used my colors on were the words. It doesn’t go with my brand at all and I can’t use it, but if I request a modification she’d really just have to scrap the whole thing and start over. On top of that, it took her 3 days and I really need this done. Should I request a mod or buy another gig from someone else?


Both perhaps, since you are out of time … for peace of mind. I got improved results once from a mod request (and later tipped), but sometimes you know you have to move on to someone else to avoid wasting more time.


Request a modification.


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Someone to watch while others are sleeping? Someone spitting lame jokes quite often.


Reply to @kay2809: Yes, or an insomniac! The spammers know when to come out. I had hope when someone I didn’t know earlier claimed to be a mod. Short lived hope! :slight_smile:


What is the seller’s modification rule? Does he/she say anything about working on modifications if they made a mistake or misunderstood your intentions? If you were very clear with telling her that you wanted a clean simple design, it is her job to rework on it, even if it means working from scratch again. Not sure how long it will take her to rework on it, maybe you can ask for a modification and place another order with another seller…if you end up liking both images I don’t really see the harm, you can change the banner from time to time. :slight_smile:


Reply to @fonthaunt: I did read that post. The username started with ‘s’ right? I still don’t know if she’s a mod or not.


Ask for MODIFICATION also Check whether she offering revision or not,

Best Practice - Use message before ordering gig it save both time and work


Maybe ask for a modification as well as getting another gig (or maybe two) underway with different sellers, so you are better covered. I have found that sometimes I need to go through a few different sellers to find someone I am happy with for a particular thing, then I stick with them from then on :slight_smile: When the fiverr prices are so good, you can afford to try a few people out until you find someone you click with.


Can you provide her with examples. For example, I do fb covers for myself only by myself? Why? Because I’m the only one person who understands my own needs. One of my design, In a spare time I’m a pianist and composer. This is cover to promote my debut EP.


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: Oops! Something went wrong and it has only a part of the whole picture. It’s a minimalistic text on a beautiful picture. I also added a filter.


@dakotagyspy why dont you give me a try… i will make you satisfied for sure. order me and send all the details. you will get 2 covers at first delivery… ask changes in one that is more near to your requirements… work will go easy and fast.



Reply to @dakotagyspy I also want to show another cover, but for Google+. It’s also minimalistic with the beautiful typography. As I understand, you are looking for something similar. Please, say what do you think. If you don’t like it I have many friends, who only started their way on Fiverr and work in Design for 3-5-7 years.


Reply to @kay2809: I checked into it and apparently she is a mod but rarely gets on the forums for some reason. There is apparently a bug on her account with the badges but I got that secondhand. Personally, I think it would be better for her to wait on mod duties until that bug is fixed.

Unfortunately ever forum is going to have some wackos and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them did try to pretend to be a mod. I know I’m a lot more comfortable taking someone seriously when I don’t have to wonder if I’m being tricked.


Reply to @kay2809: I guess it wouldn’t matter now that I see 99 has barely been touched and it’s a lively time of day now. The zoom spam has been going on for ages and by now I would think the posts would be deleted and maybe even the account shut down. No one that can help seems to care.


Reply to @z99zoom: please stop spamming the forums and posting your website. Anyone interested can click on your profile to see your gigs, and you are not adding to the discussion. YOu have posted in other discussion as well.


I think you should do both as well. For one thing, if you need something soon, did you pay for one day delivery? Or did you just by the gig and their time frame was 3 days? whenever you need something soon, always contact the seller beforehand and buy 1 day delivery.

As for communicating design preferences, you are not alone. Many people do not know how to order designs and then don’t get what they want and don’t even have ideas about things. However, almost everyone knows what they like and don’t like once they see something. I would suggest sending links to 5 websites you DO like and then 5 sites you hate, makes sure it’s clear which is which :slight_smile:

Unless someone has done a lot of research about your “brand” how do they know what goes with your brand? Did you discuss your overall business with this person and show them your website?

How much did you pay them for this gig?

And how many revises does it state in the gig you get?


What it seems that you were very clear with what you wanted to be done and the seller should have gone with the colours that you had requested, in which it is the seller’s mistake…

im just asking, before you made an order did you make some background check on the seller? were you the first person to order that particular gig form your seller? and if you were not the first person to order how was the rating of the gig and how did the portfolio look like before you made the order, was their work good.