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Designer delivered something completely different. what to do now?


I’ve found a graphic designer (53 x 5 Stars) and send him a request.
I made a sample within 15 minutes to show the idea and he accepted it.
He is offering 5$ gigs, he send me a custom offer for 25$. I’ve ordered it, send him all files (vector and jpg) he needed.

He was knowing I have no time left (I have to print it on monday) … nevertheless he asked for more time, I’ve accept it.
Now he sent me his work, completely different from what I have asked for and he is not answering anymore and I have no idea what to do now.
There is only one day left to get the file I need and create a poster.

Thats what I sent him. I asked to make it look proper and realistic.


and this is the result


im sory its not my field
. he might be a new commer so the conncerned persons should help its a matter of humanity. what goes wrong to help humanity as everyone here is for the earning purpose . no one wants to waste time like this


Well we can help, at urgent basis… Regarding your current situation ask the buyer to mutually cancel or submit the right graphic what you needed…


You can do ths by going to resolution center on the right side of the order page…


I think he got some new orders and had just no time for my order. So he decide to send me this one in hope to just refund it…
Is it possible to rate his work after the refund?


Did you already accept the order? If so, there’s no way for him to issue you a refund except for maybe going to the Fiverr customer support. If you initiate a cancellation on the order (as the buyer), you absolutely can leave a review. If he initiates the cancellation (as the seller), you wont be able to leave a review from what I’ve seen.

I’ve been in your position when getting marketing materials made for a university program. I gave them a chance to revise it, and if it was still a matter of them not understanding me, I’d cancel it and leave a poor review. Often, I have a lot of trouble with non-native English speakers on this site not understanding detailed instruction. Don’t get me wrong, speaking English doesn’t at all discredit their actual skills in their field. But communicating specific information is incredibly frustrating in these cases.


I have some difficulties with the language too, thats why I have made a sample … just to avoid mistakes due to the lack of language.
It’s just hard for me to understand why he has accepted the request if he can’t do it


Is there any possibility in this forum to show what I want to have and find a designer who can do it?


Yes Possibility is every where…
is it true?
@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: It is certain