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Designer used modified stock image

So a week ago I paid for the following:
24 hour turn around
4 logo designs
Social media package
Stationary design
transparent image
source files
vector image
3d mockup

The artist turned around the concept within the 24 hours, but has since messed me around with the rest of the package. Now I have most of the stuff I have found out that he has used an iStock image that he has modified slightly, so I’m not sure where I stand from a legal POV. I am pretty confident he wouldn’t have purchased the image.

I am still waiting for the 3d mockup, stationary design, and have asked him to modify the logo slightly as the image wasn’t centered properly against the text and it is driving me insane. He has given me all sorts of excuses as to why he is delaying. On top of this he asked me to pay $10 extra to hold the copyright on the logo which I did, but now that I have discovered it is a ripped off stock image I know that copyright means nothing.

What should I do here? Also Fiverr said that I accepted delivery even though I didn’t click accept?

Thanks all, sorry for the long rant.


That’s the first time your seller broke rules. He is not allowed to send partial delivery. He can get a warning for that.

And that is not allowed either. That’s second time your seller broke rules and you can ask CS for cancellation attaching screenshots of the logo and the link to stock image.

Did you request a revision through the system within 3 days after delivery or did you let order to autocomplete itself.

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It must have auto-complete itself, the whole process is still a little foreign to me. It’s difficult for me because I am overall satisfied with the end result, but I am also unimpressed with the designers process and use of the stock image… I am more than happy to let him keep payment for the works rendered but at the same time feel like the shadier designers should be punished and the quality designers should be rewarded.

Maybe I should just review poorly to reflect the work and leave it at that, or am I being too lenient?

You are allowed to leave a fair review to the services you received. If you don’t want report that seller for stealing from the internet and sending you that “work” then leaving an honest review and warning other people is least you can do :wink:

Fair point, thanks for the advice. I guess if I had my photography stolen I would want the person to be pulled up on it so I will bring it to fiverrs attention.

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