Designers 3D showcase! The best will WIN!


How good are you for 3D works? Post your quick made 3D art here and find it out! Here goes mine:


I might play but I somehow suspect this might get closed with self promotion and all that?


I can´t even do a 2D :sweat_smile:


:arrow_up: 3D meme


Well, It’s just for play. Does it apply under conversations… :slight_smile:




Thank you for this post, really. Been going through my Tinkering With Blender folder and now feel the urge to make stuff again!


(the figure is an asset I downloaded somewhere)



ahahahah I´ll buy it xD or. … trade? xD . .I will give you the Troll face in 3D haha


Blender is awesome!

@djgodknows is winning …


yeah! :sunglasses: