Designers using templates.. ughh!


Hi everyone!

This is my first discussion post sadly it’s more of a rant… Since I have signed up to this website i’ve found some really unique gigs which offer very good services with true talent! these can be a rarity when it comes to finding the right designer which offers a low cost yet unique design.

Of course I know I could be dreaming when I say i’m looking for a truly unique & professional $5 gig for designs… I have already tried two high rated sellers who lack the skill to design a unique website or simply use already designed themes and adapt them… which really annoys me!

Can anyone relate? is there light out there lol? !


We’ve been having this discussion a lot lately here on the forum.

The thing is overall good design doesn’t cost $5 and it shouldn’t. There’s a lot of time, effort and skill that goes into developing a good design product. $5 buys you around 5 to 10 minutes of a designers time. How much original work can anyone do within that time frame? Especially when you consider it will take around 2 minutes to just set up the files before getting started.

So some sellers resort to templates and lifting pictures off the internet. Which is a shame but we can’t really blame them. There’s demand and sellers try to fulfil it the best they can. You can’t really have pride in your work if you’ll only earn $5 at the end of it!

But $5 can get you a really good sample, or a concept of something that can be later developed. You shouldn’t, in most cases, expect a locked up design for that price.

Now, you’ve mentioned web design. Web design is expensive and should cost you in the thousands. If you are looking for professional, designed from scratch work, you should have a budget bigger than $5. Chances are if someone is offering the full service for $5, they do lack the skills and are here to learn. You should be looking for web designers on Behance, Dribbble or Envato Studio or even better contact local design studios.

If you are just trying to change a template, then you might find someone who does it well here on Fiverr, but I would advise you to up your budget to give the designers a bit more time to give you results to match your expectations.

If your budget is $5 and that’s it, then the best option you might have is learn how to do it yourself.

Hope that helps. Best of luck.


Hi thanks for the reply and yeah i completely agree, i’ve seen a few of the topics on the forums here too but i mean the point im trying to get at, for quick time saving results people generally use a range of templates and drop/drag different elements into a new mock up, then put their own design spin on.

But in the cases where a designer has just used a standard template w/o changes is just being rude…

My budget for both was a 2 page design (home/landing page) with psd for $35/$40, even that I understand is cheap relatively speaking. Hope we’re on the same page here but surely that’s still a project people would gladly take on.



A uniquely designed website costs above $1000. That’s just for a basic one.

We should not be expecting miracles for $5 or even $100s in case of websites.


I’m talking about just the psd template, no coding or much research is needed as the colour palette, fonts, descriptions i provided them with.

Here in the UK you can get a 5 page responsive website designed and coded for £300-£500 which is everything in a bag so the scope is different.

The other point is false advertisement and fulfillment of the giggs despite the prices they state.


Reply to @vastweb:

I totally understand where you are coming from. I’ve altered web templates in the past for a couple of hundred pounds and to be honest I still ended up losing money. It’s a lot of work and I will never touch that stuff again.

If I were you and were really set on having those two pages altered from a template, I would leave Fiverr and go to Envato Studio. You might find someone from South America or Eastern Europe who can work with that budget and you are guaranteed to get quality.

vastweb said: The other point is false advertisement and fulfillment of the giggs despite the prices they state.

This is one of my biggest complaints about Fiverr - and I'm a seller, not a buyer!
dzgn_101 said: So some sellers resort to templates and lifting pictures off the internet. Which is a shame but we can't really blame them. There's demand and sellers try to fulfil it the best they can. You can't really have pride in your work if you'll only earn $5 at the end of it!
With all due respect, this is BS. If a seller can't provide a basic finished product (or more importantly, what they say they will provide) for $5, they quite simply should not be selling on FIVERR, note the name.

I am not saying anyone should be providing the moon and stars for five bucks, but it is the responsibility of the seller to ensure that what they offer can be produced at a reasonable hourly rate - and LEGALLY.

If a writer offers a gig of 30,000 words for $5 and then starts whining and blaming buyers because they expect them to work 40 hours for $5, well, the seller is a fool and a delusional, annoying one at that.

Yes, sellers that steal to complete THE GIGS THAT THEY SET UP, can be blamed, and should be blamed. They should be permanently booted off the site.


Reply to @itsyourthing: I completely agree. What also bugs me is when sellers do not use royalty free video/music. Some sellers just steal music files and templates and use them as their own even though they are infringing on copyright.


Reply to @isaacroot: Stealing on Fiverr is unfortunately the rule, not the exception. The excuses are far more creative than the bulk of the work produced site-wide. :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing: I actually totally agree with you. I shouldn’t have said we can’t blame them. Yeah we can. It is their fault.

I’m with you as well on the false advertising. I was trying to put myself in the shoes of a desperate designer trying to make some money when no one wants to pay the right amount of money for the work (hey I’ve been there). I guess I have been trying to understand why people do this stuff of stealing and abusing copyright, since that last discussion about this.

But after reading your comment twice and knowing I feel the same way. I still don’t get it. It is the sellers fault. I regret saying it wasn’t.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Unfortunately that is so true. 2 days ago i had a guy that i believe wanted to steal my source files and create gigs like mine. He wanted “Just the source files.” On (and off) Fiverr we need to be on guard against spammers and thieves