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Designers way off

hello, im having problems with logo designers

any comments

this was my request: hi, im a photographer we do high end images with 3d cameras, 360 videos, time lapse and virtual reality motion,drone aerial imagery, its very HIGH TECH stuff so i need a logo to represents that. i like metallic shiny letters. The name of the company is . www.*.com you can create a combination of letters, create a symbol or just fine tune the one im attaching, also im attaching some samples of designs i like.

this is the logo i created and needed to fine tune it

this is a sample i like as a reference

another sample of the style i like

so she sent me this as the first draft

i told her no white, all my samples are black or dark color to try again

I’m also having problems with a logo seller. Am I out of order for objecting to being presented with the logo I purchased (which is fine) in a format that can only be opened in Adobe Illustrator (ai)
No mention of this before being sent the file.
I have no intention of purchasing Adobe so now have a logo that I can’t access.
…next step a delete Fiverr

after 10 min she sent me this for the second draft after saying no white

hi, yes this place is getting really bad

i could not believe that, i just said i want to cancel, she replied this to me:"" You have some serious problem, please get some help." lol

so here is her name: *****

People usually pay extra for .ai files so the seller actually was probably trying to do you a favor. I have bought images that I can open, but I would need the .ai version to use the image in other sizes and I can’t afford them!

You can get the .ai file converted easily using either free software or by hiring the original seller or another one to convert it for you. Your loss.

hey aunt, the designer has to tell you how he/she works, as he said, the designer did not mention the format he was delivering.