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Desire of an Experienced Newbie

Hi All,
For over a few days, I have been spending a couple of hours on Fiverr with the aim to make some earnings. Despite of the fact that I am well experienced and creative enough to meet certain challenges, yet I am unable to get a single order. My question is that what it is exactly that meets the taste of average clients at Fiverr. I also searched for different strategies to rank my Gig on the first page, but still, it seems this is not going to work. My Gig has over 150 impressions, clicks and views without any order. My profile was created in March 2015, since then I was thinking of starting my earnings from here. Now it seems that at Fiverr, only those individuals are important, that possess experience, whereas a newbie is just a person who even does not deserve a single chance. Probably, it may lead to a temporary frustration/disappointment. If you have any idea about how to make a few earnings from Fiverr, then do let me know. Also, I welcome your suggestions on my Gig. Thanks