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Desktop Notification


So people have been asking for desktop notifications. Here is my solution. Fiverr has an apk for android that has notifications when you receive a message or order. (I don’t know about iPhone or windows users). Now when you install blue stacks or any other emulator the notifications get pushed and you get a desktop notification and you can choose the sound it makes when it pops up. I am currently using it, try it yourself and tell me how it goes for you.


Alternatively, if running emulators maybe too difficult for the non-techies, one can install GMAIL notifier plugin for Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox etc.

Or any other mail client plugins for that matter.

So as long as you are browser is open, you will get Desktop Notifications as well…


There are quite a lot of ways to get notified, I think. I use Outlook just because it’s already there and I can pop all my email accounts in one place. I can set up rules to make Fiverr messages with specific content more noticeable with pop ups, sound, taskbar notifications, etc. I think ozzieuk uses IFTTT to send him alerts. I’m not sure how all he has it set up, but I think you can have it send you text messages, Skype alerts, voice alerts or whatever you want as long as you do a little research to set it up.


You Don’t need to install any plugin for notification.
Just enable desktop notification from your browser and Fiverr or Gmail.
You will get notified when you receive new update.
I am using this trick from till i started Fiverr.