Desperate for help please


When I set the account up I misspelt my email address I purchased a gig but the problem is when I try change my email it tells me to follow instructions to my original email that doesn’t exist I can’t find any contact numbers for any help this is my last resort. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Hrm, I’m afraid we cannot help you with this. Try reaching out to Customer Support for help. Alternatively, maybe try creating the misspelled email with XYZ provider. It’s a pain, but it’ll solve the issue.


Just tried that and unfortunately the email is already taken what a nightmare thank you anyway. Is there no contact numbers at all?


Customer Support works on a ticketing system only. Go ahead and submit :envelope_with_arrow: a ticket to get the ball rolling. Goodluck!


Good luck! Just wanted to add, maybe mention in your ticket to Customer Support that it might be a good idea to have one type the email twice on account creation, like the password, to make reasonably sure it´s not misspelt.
They can forward suggestions to whom it may concern.