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Desperate for the first order

Hello everyone,
Have you ever harbored that commitment to do something but it isn’t available. That is exactly what i am experiencing. I am 40 days old in Fiverr but i have never completed any order. Kindly advise.

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Without even looking at your specific gigs, a big thing comes to mind.

You only have 2 gigs, and they’re super niche. Broaden them a bit and/or add more.

I definitely understand your impatience. Just hang on, learn what you can, keep improving; you’ll get an order sometime.

Thank you for your advise

Absolutely. Also, respond to as many buyer requests as you can. I have a potential $100 order coming from one.

I advise you please send 10 buyer requests daily.I hope you will get orders if you do this.Thanks

First advice, change your profile picture for a better one. Take a good photo, go to the photo machine, pay to a photographer, ask to a friend, just get a better profile picture, because the avatar IS the soul of your page.

Hi, you might find this useful! :slight_smile:


yeah right avatar is the soul of page