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Desperate! I have just 1 visitor :(( [ARCHIVED]


You are invited to visit my gig. I have opened account 4 months ago. Only 1 visitor on my statistic. That is only me…
I am very pleased if you have a while visiting my gig.



Done. :wink:


If you have had your gig active for a while now, and it has only received 1 view (from you) I am assuming you’re not promoting, at all.

You cannot rely on Fiverr’s traffic alone to give exposure to your gig, ESPECIALLY for new gigs when you are starting from scratch!

You MUST promote your gig using social networking sites, forums, blogs, websites, etc… however you can!

Starting out on Fiverr is usually not very easy and it requires you to put forth some effort into getting your gig noticed and getting sales! You can’t just create a gig and that’s it. You have to work for it and build it up. Just like in any business. You wouldn’t open up a restaurant and that’s it… just leave it alone after opening would you? No, it requires hard work!

I hope I am not sounding too harsh. :slight_smile: I am only providing you with some helpful advice!

Hope this helps! Good luck!