Desperate sellers requests


It’s funny that a buyer request needs an ‘approval’ (by an imaginary team I guess) than in this section you can only find sellers spam and no way to report them.
Please, change section name from buyers requests to ‘desperate sellers requests’. Personally, at the moment, I think it’s a useless section.


How is this funny? Do you know how many spam seller posts are removed, that never even make it into the Buyers Request section? Neither do I. Don’t assume that what there isn’t anyone screening spam from the section, just because a few get through and are posted.

No. The current section name is just fine.

Your opinion is noted.


I can only imagine that there are hundreds of requests on a daily basis by sellers trying to promote their services. Just because a few aren’t detected, doesn’t mean that the team are doing nothing.


Has always been in my opinion (at least during my +5 fiverr years), though who knows where the spammers would be if they weren’t contained in that section.


:rofl: :heart: :rofl:

I think it’s funny, even if others don’t.

Only if you knew, how many of my legitimate request was auto-rejected by the system. Last year (around this time), I posted a request for an illustration of a Christmas tree in front of a fireplace and a Rottweiler puppy sleeping under the tree.

It got rejected. I was given a canned response that I was misleading sellers! :thinking:

I got rejected but hey, I understand a host of seller’s request got through! :smiley: :grin: You gotta laugh.


I am constantly surprised by how many clients I – personally – have found from their buyer requests in the Buyers Request section. If you know how to market yourself and your skills, the BR section can be a treasure trove of potential clients – especially since so many other sellers competing for those same buyer requests are so utterly terrible at selling themselves.

(I know, because I’ve seen the buyer side of the BR section).

I win BRs because I am confident in my skills, and I know how to find the needs/challenges of others, and solve them. But I likely win a lot of other BRs because most new “sellers” just don’t care about winning those jobs. More often than not, they just want the money someone will give them to do something – no matter what that something is, and that can’t be your #1 reason for being an entrepreneur.


I only got a bunch of offers from sellers who didn’t even read the request.
As a seller i never saw a request of interest.


As a buyer, this has been my experience as well.

As a seller, perhaps my gig categories are different than yours. I do see hundreds of buyer requests that severely low-ball their budget (for the work they are asking for), but in many of those cases (for the serious requests), good communication can usually raise those budgets to be a better equal for the services being asked for.


I second this, as long as you communicate properly and manage to convey the real worth of your services buyers do agree to raise the price.


Haven’t had any gigs on fiverr in over a year, but when i did they were mostly in illustration. However if i ever get time to play around with fiverr again i bet within a couple months i will again have more work than i can handle without the BR section.


Its more like 50% of its useless and that 50% is divided:

  1. 25% - Buyers looking for dirt cheap work. They want 3 websites made in $5.
  2. 25% - Sellers advertising their services without remorse.

And the rest 50% is for you to filter out, take advantage of that! :wink: