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Desperately Need Suggestion

Hello all, I’m a new seller in Fiverr 1month+ experience, specialized in web design and development. Recently I have received an order, but buyer placed the order without any communication with me. And now she isn’t providing me enough information to complete the order, nor accepting my time extension request, nor my delivery. She doesn’t say any single word with me, just if I make delivery, after almost 2 days she send a revision saying “will send” & “will extend”, but if I send extension request, no response from her end.

Now what should I do!! I’m new, so I’m scared that if it is negativity affecting my profile! How to solve this. From buyer end I haven’t recv any single instructions except her dashboard login.
What to do ? Please suggest!


Contact CS to cancel the order as it won’t affect you if it’s cancelled by CS. You’ve took the necessary steps for keeping the order going but the buyer isn’t responding.

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sorry, i have no idea about this. i am also a newbie.

i hope expert are suggest us within short time.

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You can contract CS and tell everything cs with screen shot.if you are right then cs will be cancel your order.

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