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Desperation to sell is counterproductive

Here are my tips for new sellers.

The fact is that most new sellers are not yet as good as sellers with thousands of reviews .

Sometimes we are desperate to sell because we hardly get orders.
Sometimes we try to help ourselves in a way that will hurt us.

I already learnt several lessons here. If a buyer comes around and promise to buy tomorrow. If the buyer doesn’t buy the next day don’t remind him. Don’t greet him. If you say hi and calls it a spam. You’ll receive a very hot TOS warning.

(My words may sound a little bit embellished , it simply means be carefull)

Don’t inbox anyone!!!
Don’t try to promote anything on fiverr except it is in the gig promotion section or you are replying to a buyer’s request!!

My last warning has prevented me from selling till now. My writing gig disappeared out of the search result!!! Like i was watching a magical 1902 horror movie.

Don’t spam !!!
Don’t give emails !!!
Don’t share contact info!!

Have great gigs,
Respond to buyer requests,
and try your best to deliver appropriately !!!

May God help you as you strive to improve your account!!


Very effective info, Great thank you.

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Thank you :wink:thank%20you


All this can be avoided if everyone takes time to read and abide by the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


This is very informative,thanks you @videoarticle


I don’t think it should be classed as spam to chase up a buyer who initially indicated an interest in your services.

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Would you like to be harassed, chased up or constantly contacted by a kitchenware seller just because you initially showed interest in their product?


Absolutely right :+1:

ameen :pray: :pray:


I wouldn’t mind one email asking if I was still interested and this is the way most businesses in the real world work. Someone shows an interest, you answer their questions, if they don’t reply you chase it up once. It’s not spam, it’s sensible and completely reasonable. For some reason Fiverr seems to want it’s sellers to always be on the back foot.

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Real world works differently than the virtual world. To begin with, clients are treated face to face, there is human personal contact of many kinds. A potencial client can see you or hear you or have ways to know you’re really you. Fiverr is not the case, nobody knows who is who.

Besides, I chase nobody, I find that very unprofessional. I’m not a vendor looking to making sales for earning commissions from a boss, I’m my own boss running my own business.

I always leave the door open to my real life potential clients for them to decide whether to come back to me or not. Once clients have approached you the first time, if they need you or like you or think you’re the right one for them, they will contact you without needing anything else.


Hello @videoarticle, Thanks a lot for sharing your great experience

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Oh man! fiverr is such a tough platform for no level sellers.
But seeing the order queue of TRS or pro sellers is a big motivation to keep on delivering !

Very sound advice. Thank you!