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Despite delivering a great service, buyer unhappy, asking to cancel

I am currently working on an order for a buyer for a CV and cover letter review and edit. I have delivered the first draft of both documents with, as my package outlines, rewrites, edits and feedback on how to improve. I have completely rewritten the CV and added extensive comments where extra information could be added - same with the cover letter. This is actually even beyond the description of the package, but I’ve certainly met all the services described.

I sent this to the buyer who told me I haven’t done anything except cross out the CV (?) and that I am not a good seller and they want a refund. I am concerned as I don’t think this buyer is aware of how to download the new documents and while I’ve tried to explain, letting them know that I will make changes to ensure they are happy, I feel that I will either have to cancel or they will leave a bad review.

Can anyone advise of the best way to proceed? Of course I would ideally resolve things with the buyer but from their messages they seem very frustrated. I am a new seller and I’m very worried that this will affect my ratings.

Is it better to cancel this now?


I’ve had a similar thing happen to me as a proofreader.

While most buyers appreciate feedback and notes within the document along with the use of highlighting and track changes etc - a very small number just want to receive a totally clean document. These people don’t care about carefully thought though observations - they just want a document they can claim as their own and use straightaway.

I’ve had a quick look at your gig, and in fairness there is no reference to how you will present the finished work. Maybe it’s wise to add a line saying something like “When you receive your document any suggested improvements will be made using track changes, and where applicable I will include notes within the body of your document”.

You might also want to consider sending a clean version alongside your edited version. Again, you could include suitable wording in your gig description.


Thanks so much for your reply! I think you’re definitely right. A small number of buyers don’t communicate what they want, and then get annoyed when I don’t read their mind - a very clear description would probably avoid this!

I guess the difficulty with CVs and cover letters is that they are so personal. Where information is missing, I can’t make it up - I need to highlight that and provide feedback and guidance for the seller to understand what to add. However, some buyers seem to think that I should magically know exactly what information to add.

Thanks again for your tip. I’ll definitely update my descriptions to be clearer!


Hello, Hope everything will be fine.

I checked throughout your conservation with the person you are talking, I like it but if you are still facing that problem than you can simply contact to Fiverr Custom Resoultion Center, They will better guide to you. As you are Level 1 seller, you will get much better and VIP Customer Support.


Yep, you’re right! We’re not mind readers, and there is definitely a certain type of buyer who has the end result in mind before they’ve even seen the work. Thankfully these people are very much in the minority but when you do stumble across them they tend to be arrogant, entitled and to be quite honest, a bit stupid! Good luck.

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Thank you so much for your response and your well wishes! I have contacted the Customer Resolution Center, I hope they can provide some advice. I really appreciate your help, I’m quite worried at this time!

CS probably say you have to work the issue with the buyer we can’t do anything about it or something similar to that I am not trying to be negative or anything I had multiple occasions just like you have right now and I was frustrated because I putted so much effort and time but only thing that I had to cancel and move on every time a buyer say that I need a refund me personally never going to ask questions or anything just cancelling the order and move on I know it’s hard but we can’t do anything about it.

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No worry, I faced many clients like these, although I submitted request to Fiverr customer Resoultion for cancellation of an order, and I was happy because Customer cancelled the order without effected my account to order completion or rating. Cancellation is best instead of low rating. If you need any other help than you can simply ask.

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Oh that’s great to hear! I think that is probably the best action to take in this situation. I feel relieved knowing it might not affect my rating, as I was worried about that. Thank you so much!

Yes, I think you’re right. Thanks so much for your comment - I am a new seller so learning from experienced sellers like yourself is very helpful. It is frustrating but you are right that we just have to move on and keep going!

You are always welcome, Describe all the situation to Fiverr .

I think the better choice is to go for resolution center.Don’t try to argue with the customer, if they leave a bad comment it would be catastrophic for your profile.Always keep a low profile with the annoying customers.

Same things happened with me
The buyer, made me work more than 3days on a design. Despite maintaining good communication with the buyer,
and sending my completed designs (with source files) 7 times, “the buyer” went ahead and canceled the order.

Also, “the buyer” changed the topic of the project in the middle of the work which was very frustrating–but, being a new seller,
I tried my best to comply with all the demands and submitted revisions as per requests.

And now my order completion rating is down to 80:(