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Desserts & Treats 🍫

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!

With all these winter storms and quarantines, I’ve been spending a lot of time at home.

And for me that means more baking :partying_face:

I’m running out of delicious desserts to bake so I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of desserts you guys like!

Feel free to share any recipes or just the names/pictures of any dessert or treat that you enjoy eating! Can’t wait to see all the yummy treats :yum:



Would you really??? :star_struck:

Inspired by: and The Treachery of Images - Wikipedia (and “The cake is a lie/spy”) and created for my sister’s birthday.


I could eat an entire lemon meringue pie right now T.T Or almond croissants I’d have every day in Paris (I can’t bake either of those!) Also, a treat for me lately has to be a cup of my ‘dessert’ teas - I have one that’s Red Velvet cake - and technically guilt free :smiley:
Also, crépes (well, in Hungarian we call them palacsinta, not 100% the same, just almost) with cottage cheese and nutella is a new favourite :smiley:


Ooh yum! I’ve made chocolate croissants before, but I have to try the almond ones. Have you had salted caramel w/ pecan croissants before?

I’ve never heard of this combo before! Do you mix the cottage cheese and Nutella and then put it in the crepe or are they like separate layers?


I don’t think I ever had those but it sounds amazing! I absolutely love salted caramel (preferably straight out of the jar!)

So this was the first time I’ve had it this way - but the back story is that we have this candy bar there basically a filling (any kind of jam, chocolate or nutella and maybe some new ones I have never tried) cottage cheese (around the filling) dipped in milk or dark chocolate. So the package was trying to mimic that (it’s very good by the way! I think they mixed the two together just a bit so it tasted exactly like the candy bar we have :smiley: (it’s called Túró Rudi)