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Detailed PC Build Advice - 5 Star Rated - Within 24 hours - $5

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to read my gig!

I am a GCSE computer science student from the UK who has experience in building computers, upgrading parts and I have detailed knowledge of what a good computer build should be like for whatever your budget is!

I will give you advice in computer systems, specifically, desktop builds or gaming systems, but can also give you advice on smaller things, for example, a comparison between 2 processors. The advice will be detailed and will be researched and backed up with relevant information, for example, price matching and looking for sensible places to buy from.

I have recently started my own business doing tech advice, there is a link to my website if you are curious in my bio, but be sure that quality will be guaranteed. I can drop you an email or send you my advice through whatever suits best.

*please note that it is only advice, and so I do not take any responsibility for your actions otherwise.

What makes my gig different from the others?
Other gigs I have seen just spec out the pc, but with this gig I will promise you detail towards your answer, explaining the reason behind each part like seen in the pdf.

My Fiverr Gig

Many Thanks

Welcome to Fiverr. It looks a good gig but where it says “I can drop you an email or send you my advice through whatever suits best.” - it’s probably safer to keep all contact on Fiverr. Maybe check the terms of service page about that to be safe, eg. the “user conduct and protection” section.

Great, thanks for your advice! I’ll change it on my gig now, cheers! :slight_smile:

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