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Detailed Withdrawal Information


I hope you all are doing good.

I just thought to give some information to all of you guys. There are alot of topics on with some confusions on withdrawal. I will just share some basic information with details.

So yes, you can withdraw from fiverr to Paypal as well as Payoneer. Withdrawal using Paypal method is not explained here actually. So on the other hand, there are two methods.

Fiverr Revenue Card
Bank Transfer

1. Fiverr Revenue Card:
Actually when you click on Fiverr Revenue Card, It will send you an Email to you email address for confirmation as well as for linking you Payoneer Account to your Fiverr Account. Fiverr Revenue Card is actually Payoneer Master Card. When you click on the link sent to your email, You will be redirected to linking page where you can login you Payoneer Account and then, Your linking to payoneer will be successful and you can transfer your earnings to payoneer account directly.
2. Bank Transfers:
When you click on Bank Transfer, same process occurs. Like, you’ll recieve an email and then you can link you account with Payoneer Account. So, same process.

The difference between the both options is almost nothing. Yes there are some minimum Withdrawal Limit and Transaction Time difference is still there. As you can see, both the options will send your earnings to Payoneer Account actually from where you can perform any Transaction. By using Payoneer Mastercard, You can withdraw from any ATM.
So Bank Transfer requires at least Minimum of $20 for withdrawal. On the other hand, Fiverr Revenue Card which is actually the same thing, requires Minimum of only $5 for withdrawal.

According to me, Fiverr Revenue Card option is better as it is quick and efficient and even for low amount of money. Fiverr will not charge any amount for the transaction from Fiverr to Payoneer. From Payoneer end, it will charge you for withdrawal. And by the way, we can use both options of withdraw at the same time.

I would like to explain for pakistanis, we can easily recieve payments from Payoneer to JazzCash Wallet within seconds. When you performed all the process explained above. Your Earnings will be transferred to Payoneer, By linking your Payoneer Account to JazzCash, you can directly withdraw from it. Yeah! That’s easy.

I hope it helps.

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Please help regarding Jazzcash:
I wanted to transfer my funds from Fiverr to Payoneer then withdraw it by Jazzcash but when I clicked the Bank Transfer option from my Fiverr account, Payoneer automatically and directly sent the funds to my Bank account instead of showing it in my Payoneer account so I could withdraw it via JazzCash.
I want to withdraw using JazzCash but I don’t know why Payoneer automatically sends payments to my bank. Is it because I have attached my bank account to Payoneer? But how else am I going to attach Fiverr to my Payoneer account?
I would really appreciate any guidance because the bank conversion rates are really bad compared to Jazzcash.

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That problem is due to you linked your Payoneer Account with BANK.
You should go to PAYONEER account.
Settings > Bank Accounts
There must be your bank account details, just delete it. (if you don’t want to use it)
After deleting it,

  1. Go to your JazzCash App and select the Payoneer option.
  2. Link your Payoneer Account with JazzCash as per instructions.
    After completing all the security measures, your JazzCash account will be linked to your Payoneer Account.
    Then, Select Fiverr Revenue Card instead of Bank Transfer because I think that is much efficient. When you’ll receive your Payments in your Payoneer Account. Go to JazzCash App and Select Payoneer.
    You’ll see an option like how much amount you want to withdraw.
    You can write you amount and just transfer it within seconds.
    I hope it was helpful.
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