Details about available now


If I’ll complete 5 order. Can I use Available Now features?
Thank you in advance.


Do you see the little human icon on the top navigation bar?


If you don’t see it, then you were not selected to test the Available Now feature.

Available Now is in BETA testing right now, and not everyone got it. After Fiverr finishes testing it, you will get it.


I can see there… But that was not my question.


If you can see that icon Than surely you can use Available Now feature after completing the following conditions:

  • Less than 5 active orders
  • More than 5 orders completed
  • Low cancellation rate

According to my experience Delivered orders also counted as active order in this feature, means


Yes, in order for you to use Available Now, you need to have at least 6 completed orders (not just delivered, but actually completed by the buyer or auto-completed) & the total of “active” orders (Delivered + Incomplete + Open) has to be at most 5.



Yes you can if you have low no cancellation


Actually, the confusion is about more than…Means 5 or more than 5?


Because they use “more than”, it means that you need to have at least 6 in this case :thinking:


I don’t think so.

You can use it when you complete 5 orders. As I remember I’m using this feature since I completed 5 orders.


Thank you… You saved my time


And you are r8 also…I got proved.


Welcome @skchowdhuri

Great . Hope you will enjoy this feature.:+1: