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develop brand logo design

I can make the logo branding and create an identity for your idea!

The Extra benefits you get from this GIG:

  • · 100% satisfactions guaranteed.
  • · Excellent Communication
  • · 24/7 service. Less than 2 hours response time.
  • · Lifetime Support
  • · Emergency service (up on request)
  • · Unlimited revision


Feel free to tell me about your idea and I’ll tell you if i’m able to do it.

Good luck with your gig, but let me offer you some advice.

Those extra benefits actually place you in a bit of a sticky situation legally. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, lifetime support, 24/7 service are all basically impossible to achieve. Unlimited revisions (for only $5 may I add) means your client can keep returning your work and asking for more improvements.

Of course it’s unlikely your clients will pursue breached contract in court. The reality on fiverr is that you are opening yourself up to getting scammed or treated unfairly by clients who will claim the work wasn’t delivered to those standards you have defined. That means they’ll get their money back (even after you have delivered the work) and there’ll be nothing you can do - you proposed a contract and they accepted, which means you’re bound to unachievable terms, the remedy of which means you don’t get paid and will probably get not so good reviews.

My advice is you remove those terms (excellent communication is fine) and focus more on the real benefits you can provide. Good luck


Hi I want to give you an advice as I care about believe me. You will be agree with me in case of keeping fiverr professional and high end qualitative place where the sellers are so kind to be honest with their customers valuing and honoring them, keeping the process positive and professional with every step. I’m reading the list of services I get if I choose you so I have to clarify this with you before making any purchase so I’m a potential buyer and wondering

  • · 100% satisfactions guaranteed. - how you will guarantee my 100% satisfaction?
  • · Excellent Communication - what means this? and who will decide if the communication were excellent or not?
  • · 24/7 service. Less than 2 hours response time. - if the response will be 2h later is that means 24/7 support? as if we go with that logic you need to write 12/7 as I’m sure that sometimes you need to sleep and that there is 24 time zones in the world so you have offices in every country?
  • · Lifetime Support - what you support lifetime? and do you give any guarantees that the support will be lifetime? any document? and are you sure that you can support after 30 years?
  • · Emergency service (up on request) - What this means? if I lost in Amazonian jungles and the big snake will try to eat me I can somehow find an internet and laptop to message you changing the color of my logo branding? could you please explain this point please for me?
  • · Unlimited revision - Can I ask for revisions after 1 year? in case if I said you that there is still revisions will be needed as I have unlimited revisions and can ask unlimited time?


Hello there, I already check your gigs and I see that the benefit you write in the description is different from the package’s detail, In all of your 3 packages, you didn’t give unlimited revision, consider changing that if you are sure to give buyers unlimited revision. However, you can check this link below

I would like to say thank you for pointing out my major mistakes. I will try my best to upgrade my gig.
#stay safe

Thanks a lot for haring me very effective piece of information/
#stay safe