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Develop C# program


Hi everybody!!

What do you think of my featured gig (

How can I improve it? Any suggest is welcome, really!!

I’d like to provide a forum special discount: the first 10 of you that buy my gig using “FiverrForum10Disc” code in job description will get source code for free!!



Hey Marco, great gig and I see that you are doing well with the c# gigs. I am confused by this: It sounds like a contradiction.

"Source code ONLY when ordered; if you’re a “returning customer”, source code could be free!


Rewrite that to say "Source code ONLY available when the gig extra ordered for first time customers. However, if you’re a “returning customer”, source code is be free! "

Also, I suggest updating a JPG of the finished product with Winforms.

I hope this helps:



I looked at your gig and saw the C# and had flashbacks to 17 years of piano lessons so I guess your gig is beyond the spectrum of my brain function. It looks like a great presentation and you have great feedback, keep up the good work


Reply to @hotwebideas: nice tips, thank you!!!


Reply to @tn5rr2012: too funny, I’m still laughing :slight_smile: