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Hello, I met Fiverr today and I was thrilled by the way the platform works.
I’m a freelance web programmer, working with databases and scripting for linux.
Is there a market (worth it) to invest my time in Fiverr?
If so, would you have any tips?


Yes!! just open a gig with your services and try.

I’ll create some gigs, I’ll take that for granted! : D

Please, don’t forget to send buyer request everyday, It’s very helpful to get an order. thanks :slight_smile:


hey coolwebdevelop !
the buyer requests we seen on fiver are they related to our fiver gigs or what?

I still did not know the buyer’s request, thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

This article better explains how buyers order offers work

Buyer posts job requirements to find a seller that is buyer request. If that job requirements match with your gig then you can see that level one seller can see more buyer request than a new seller. I hope you will see more buyer requests soon. :smiley:

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thanks gustavofsilva:smiley:

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