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Developer Not able to provide my work


sorry for my bad english, almost a month ago i have give a order for application development in fiverr but i m trying to pay amount but payment was failed i m try every option but not success and also my contact support En-query No.
but not resolve my issue i m direct as to developer can you accept direct payment , developer was accept direct payment. but developer not working proper its almost take a month for ready Application.

can itake legal action (INDIA)

thank you!

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You should have waited for the response from Fiverr Support. Fiverr doesn’t allow direct payment. You should ask him to work otherwise you can take action against him. But make sure you don’t ask extra work that is out of the scope of original order

yes i not ask for extra work.

“Accept direct payment” Are you asking if you can get paid off of Fiverr?? Of course you’re not allowed to do that.

Also, on Fiverr you pay for the gig via the system here and only after you pay does the order start. So what you’re describing doesn’t make sense. You must have asked someone to do a job without making an actual order. The order doesn’t become active until you’ve paid for it.

It isn’t Fiverr’s fault you didn’t do things the legitimate way. You broke the ToS and now you’re asking if you get to take legal action…

NEVER ask a seller to do work and let them do the work without creating and activating an actual order. You can’t take legal action because you aren’t entitled to a project you didn’t pay for and hadn’t made a proper contract for.

You say you made an order. Either you didn’t or the seller made a custom offer and you didn’t accept it and then the seller did the work despite the order not being active. Or you simply had a discussion and made an agreement and decided that agreement is an “order.” It isn’t.

Same thing had been happening to a few of my Buyers. They told me they also couldn’t place an order and keep getting errors.

Thing is: the order wouldn’t become active until the payment went through.

So.the seller did a job despite the order not having been activated or maybe he didn’t he even make a actual order. And naturally the buyer isn’t entitled to work that isn’t an actual (active) order.

This person is saying he made an order. He couldn’t have because the payment didn’t go through. He must have made an agreement in the chat or something and is calling that an “order.”

So he paid him outside of fiverr.

@mukeshyadav1227 you paid that seller outside of fiverr. That’s breaking rules. The moment you paid outside of fiverr it’s not fiverr problem anymore. So I’m not sure why are you asking fiverr for help.
Fiverr can’t do anything here apart from blocking your account for breaking rules.


Accepting direct payment is a policy violation. The problem won’t be resolved by fiverr anyway.

Seems like He is a buyer not a seller.

In India only few banks allow us to pay for international transactions. (Not even Paypal)

So if your seller accepted the payment outside of Fiverr you are not covered. There no one here that can help on this here as it is not related to Fiverr

only thing you can do over here is that contact support and report the seller and even the customer support will not cover you on the transaction as it is done outside.

Reporting the seller will mean the seller will get a warning from Fiverr and may or may not suspend the seller account from Fiverr

You may or may not get your account suspended by Fiverr. It depends on them what they do

In addition to what others have said, I doubt that anyone on the forum can tell you whether you can take legal action in India. You’ll need to contact a local lawyer for that.

You paid someone outside of fiverr? Who do you want to take legal action against?