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Developer trying to fraud, not ready to accept cancellation

A fiverr developer trying to fraud, not ready to accept cancellation. I find no way to cancel the project. Shall I assume that I lost my money and it’s not the right place to work since there is no resolution available from Fiverr?

This design I have given to convert to WP *******

This is what he made and claiming he made exactly according to requirement

And forget about other pages, done nothing.

Is there any way to cancel order and get my money back? I have given good rating who worked well, but this seller is not capable to handle project and trying to fraud.


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Just contact Fiverr CS…,
Provide them with facts, and screen shot etc…,
They should be able to help you…,

You need to remove sellers name, it’s not allowed on the forum.

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Sounds like the same situation as this: Received a poor CAD render - I don't want to go through the resolution process. I want to cancel

Are there revisions in the package? If so, you could use the option.

Let us know how it goes?