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Diamonds and Emeralds for $5 ? Yes it's true!

NEED A MONEY & ASSET BOOST? Come see our new gigs offered exclusively by GemsDirect. We get all of our conflict free Kimberly Regulated stones directly from mines, jewelers, and brokers. For a limited time we are offering beautiful stones for a fraction of the price of retail. All stones sold exclusively on Fiverr are est. value of 10X or more the cost to you.

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I know nothing about diamonds but I know some stuff for emeralds since my family owns some rough and cut pieces…

The KPCS is a process to ensure that DIAMONDS (not any kind of gem) entering the rough market are conflict free, as you correctly claim, yet,its effectiveness has been questioned lately and if I recollect well, there’s an organization (cannot remember the title but you can goo gle it) that announced they’re pulling out of the scheme since it doesn’t guarantee that only conflict free diamonds enter the rough market.

In a few words, the KPCS

1.doesn’t certify cut gems only certifies rough diamonds

3.Columbia is not a member of the KPCS hence this gig is misleading (how can anyone get a certification of origin for a country who’s not a member of the Kimberly scheme?)

As I said before, my family owns a few emerald pieces originating from Zambia, Central Africa and altought their price is nowhere near the price of a good Columbian emerald, yet, none sells them for pennies.

I’d suggest you explain clearly that you sell good immitations of such and such gems instead of claiming they’re real.

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Hello psychicninadia,

As for the Emeralds you are correct. As a basic footer to each post we put that we buy conflict free gems, just a reminder of the stones that are from a region where there is conflict…And they ARE real not fakes. We have a huge inventory and the gigs are for a limited time only hence the low prices. All diamonds are Kimberly Regulated - conflict free purchases, Certified.

I think its your perfect chance to get some Colombian emeralds if you currently collect them. Why not have the cream of the crop? Zambia, Central Africa emeralds are lower quality and tend to be lighter in color. Just a reminder…There is NO WAY of knowing if a stone is truly conflict free unless you go to the point of removal from the earth. With this said there are few people who actually know if they are conflict free…being the people who mine, traders, mining firms, and the brokers who get them to the U.S. Sometimes the brokers wont even know. We have over 20 years in the industry and buy from well known dealers with good reputations. Thank you for the input.

@gemsdirect Hi again! Well, altought I prefer the deep saturation of Zambian emeralds, I’d be open to consider a purchase of Columbian ones so, just a couple of questions…

1.How many quarats is (more or less) a piece of Columbian stone? I’d prefer cut ones please.

2.Will I get a guarantee that the stone/s I purchased are real emeralds and that they’re of the quarats you tell me?Do you send a certification or whatever besides the Kimberly certification?

3.How can I purchase from you since you apprear to only offer the gems to US residents only?


ps: Zambian emeralds are usually of deeper saturation, Colombian are of lighter color this is why Columbians are considered of better quality…because they’re more transparent due to lighter coloring :slight_smile:

@psychicninadia I’m guessing you meant carats. These are Emerald and Princess cut stones (mixed) and are 2mm to 3mm in size Aprox. Mixed sizes as well. At this size there are roughly 10 stones per carat so figure each stone is 1/10 carat but cut and ready to place in settings. As for the guarantee, we will do that and if you find any issues, send it back for full refund in price… but you will need to take to a jeweler for further inspection to certify that they are in fact real by someone EGL, AGS, or GIA certified.

We do not send certifications with the stones since AGS, GIA, and EGL certificates run around the $100 range. If you would like to purchase, let me know and I will adjust worldwide shipping price to your location in Greece. Thank you again,


Yes you can buy stones for that price, but stone weights will be really small. These two varieties are different diamond hardness is 10 and emeralds 7.5-8. That means you can buy bigger stonds with emeralds than diamonds for that price.